Hi there! I’m Leanne, a camera nerd who loves being outdoors and filming wildlife.

I started out as a commercial photographer and was lucky enough to have my photography exhibited in some incredible places – including the Louvre musem, Paris, and on the giant billboards of Times Square, New York. I decided to focus entirely on filmmaking in 2017 and released my first feature length documentary the same year – The Tigers Of Scotland.

Having worked as a photographer and trained as a camera operator, I began producing and directing my own films; I found that the stories I was passionate about just weren’t being told by other people. I figured that if I find them interesting, others must do too – and so I began the transition from cinematographer to shooting producer/director.

Documentary Cinematographer and shooting producer/director Leanne Gater
Documentary cinematographer and shooting producer/director Leanne Gater

During the coronavirus pandemic, I undertook aerial operations training – something I’ve been interested in for a very long time. I’m now a CAA approved drone pilot with my own DJI Mavic 2 Pro. This tiny drone is perfect for the kind of work I do – it’s easy to take anywhere as my entire kit fits in a small backpack (perfect for climbing up mountains or going on long treks into the wilderness) and it shoots very high quality footage.

I am very conscious of the environmental impact of filming; being a wildlife filmmaker, I’ve seen first hand some of the damage that humans are doing to the planet – and some of the good we can do when we put our minds to it. As a shooting producer/director, I choose to use local crew on my productions wherever possible and I believe strongly that everyone should have the opportunity to work in wildlife filmmaking, not just affluent white Bristolians.

I run a small production company, Wild Films, together with my partner Alex and also have plans to begin a not-for-profit network for wildlife filmmakers.